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The Scholarship

Each year The Griffin Foundation will award scholarships to qualified applicants who have an associate degree or at least sixty academic hours from a junior or community college and are seeking to complete a baccalaureate degree. These scholarships can be used only at Colorado State University (Fort Collins Campus), the University of Northern Colorado, or the University of Wyoming (Larimie Campus) (hereafter called the Participating Universities).

Recipients must be eligible for instate tuition. The amount of the scholarships will be $5,000 per semester at the Participating Universities and will be renewable for up to two academic years (four semesters) upon submission of the evidence of satisfactory academic progress as a full-time, on campus student. The scholarship funds for each recipient will be forwarded to the Participating University involved for further disbursement to the recipient.

These scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis by ranking applicants in the following areas for their activities since graduation from high school: