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Pat Griffin

The Griffin Foundation was organized in 1991 by Pat Griffin, a native of Oklahoma, who earned his most prominent recognition as a pioneer in retail petroleum marketing through self-service gasoline stations under the brand name "Gasamat."

Mr. Griffin lived his entire adult life in Fort Collins, Colorado which was the business center of an enterprise that stretched from Nebraska to California and from Canada to Mexico. In 1979, he was inducted into the Oil Hall of Fame by the National Petroleum News magazine for his many innovative contributions to that industry. He also pursued a career in banking, real estate and investments that spanned a period of nearly sixty years.

Mr. Griffin was called to public service on several boards and commissions throughout his career including the Colorado Fish and Game Commission and the Colorado Commission on Higher Education. The latter appointment continued his lifelong commitment to higher education.

It is fitting that support of higher education is one of the three principal missions of the Griffin Foundation which received its funding from Mr. Griffin's estate following his death in 1993. Other charitable activities include the support of health care and of the performing arts, the favorite activity of his wife of more than fifty years, Edna Rizley Griffin.